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Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Get visibility into all work—traditional, agile, and hybrid. Balance capacity against demand and optimize your portfolios to achieve business value.

Benefits of Project Portfolio Management

Manage outcomes to create value

Align your portfolio strategy, investments, and team structures to meet your business goals.

Embrace uncertainty with flexible planning

Keep up with change—adapt plans, refocus teams to meet expectations, and continuously prioritize.

Deliver faster by scaling work

Implement in weeks rather than months and enjoy seamless upgrades that allow for faster innovation.

Manage hybrid ways of working

Get flexibility to manage both traditional and agile methods of working for greater visibility.

Features of Project Portfolio Management

Aligning teams and goals with strategic roadmap planning

Roadmap planning

Master top-down planning to align your teams and investments with business goals.

Using strategic objectives to allocate top-down funding

Investment funding

Create top‑down funding allocation from strategic objectives, portfolios, and business services.

Sharing ideas across teams to increase innovation

Innovation management

Encourage your teams to collaborate, develop concepts, and turn ideas into demands.

Simulating and comparing multiple investment scenarios

Scenario planning

Compare multiple scenarios using what-if analysis to align investments with your business strategy.

Additional features

Project workspace

Define, plan, track, and monitor project status, exceptions, and KPIs in a single location.

Demand management

Centralize strategic requests and consolidate the investment process for new products and services.

Project portfolio

Organize projects, programs, and portfolios—collaborate, report, and track to plan better.

Resource management

Manage resource availability, allocations, assignments, and actuals across all work.

Portfolio workbench

View demands, projects, resources, and costs. Plan and track portfolio progress—all in one place.

Performance analytics and dashboards

Track, aggregate, and visualize key performance indicators and trends with real-time reporting.

Mobile solutions

Manage your team's work and access project status, time sheets, and agile development on your device.

Agile development

Use ServiceNow® Agile Development to power scrum, agile teams, and hybrid development methods.

PPM is available with IT Business Management

How to get Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management is available with IT Business Management. Deliver enterprise agility for better business outcomes.

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